Who we are


Beldico is a manufacturer and supplier of various medical devices and is active in the production and sales of hospital care commodities and high value medical single-use devices for various medical fields. Beldico manufactures and promotes through its sister companies and partnership with local distributors in nearly all of Europe, a variety of medical devices and concepts dedicated to various fields such as: haemodialysis, intensive care, anaesthesiology, radiology, neonatology, etc.
Beldico employs about 90 dedicated employees spread over its production, sales and marketing divisions, back office activities, warehousing and accountancy. Its plant covers 4800 m² and possesses its own injection and blow moulding site as well as 600 m² clean room facilities. With Marche-en-Famenne as its home base for further expansion, Beldico enjoys a leading position in various segments of the healthcare market. One of the characteristically distinctive features of Beldico is its capability to produce most of its products following the specific demands of customers. Beldico offers the service of contract manufacturing of medical devices for well-known international medical device suppliers.

Expert in baby feeding products

Beldico is a global leader in specific feeding devices for newborns and premature babies.

No compromises on safety and quality

At Beldico we ensure the safety and quality of our products through the implementation of a wide range of management systems.


We are ISO 13485 certified. This standard provides quality management systems that satisfy international regulations.

What we do

Beldico is a manufacturer and supplier of medical equipment.
  • Neonatal care equipment

  • Electronic milk-bottle disinfection equipment and bottle warmers

  • Milk pumps, baby bottles and accessories

  • Disposable articles for surgeries

  • Dialysis equipment

  • Haemodialysis equipment and accessories

  • Infusion technology equipment

  • Infusion technology accessories