Beldico in cooperation with IDELUX

The word is to the companies of Belgian Luxembourg!

Every week, IDELUX shares testimonials from companies that have been accompanied by them. This week, it's our turn.

Beldico is a company that manufactures and distributes disposable medical devices for hospitals, mainly baby bottles and breast shields.

The main reason for installing us here in Belgian Luxembourg is the proximity of certain countries like Germany, France and the Netherlands.

We are currently building a new storage site and we also want to increase our production site by new investments.

IDELUX is considered by our company as a partner. We have collaborated together on several topics and IDELUX allows us to invest in the company by financing investment projects. IDELUX helps us Avex relations with some countries and companies that can help us make a connection with the Chambers of Commerce of the region or Belgium.

Take a look at the video here: