Parents via webcam in contact with prematures in UZ Brussel

Parents of a premature child at the UZ Brussel can keep in touch with their little ones in the incubator via a webcam. As the first hospital in Belgium, UZ Brussel has placed a webcam on every bed of the Neonatology department. This must ensure contact during periods when the parents are not in the hospital. UZ Brussel reports this in a press release on Thursday.

"Since we started offering a webcam, every parent has responded to this offer: when they go home, they often worry about whether their child is doing well, and thanks to the webcam they can log in via a secure website on a PC, a tablet and a smartphone to see their baby permanently when it is in the incubator. When their child is out of the incubator for care, they get a message on their screen to see that their child is being cared for ", says Prof. Filip Cools, Head of Neonatology at UZ Brussel.

The screen of the monitor and the triggering of an alarm is not visible via the webcam, so that parents do not worry unnecessarily. Besides parents, especially grandparents and family are happy with this offer because the visit to Neonatology is limited to favour the peace of the baby.

All 28 beds on the Neonatology service are equipped with a webcam. It involves an investment of about 85,000 euros, half of which is supported by the manufacturer of the webcams.

Source: Medisfeer