The CHR of Liège calls for donations of breast milk

The lactarium of CHR Liège is launching a new appeal for the donation of breast milk because its reserves are currently completely exhausted. The lactarium of the CHR, which collects and redistributes this milk to some sick or premature children, calls for the solidarity of breastfeeding mothers.

And so any healthy young mother who breastfeeds her newborn can donate extra milk to the lactarium so that it can be redistributed under medical prescription to some sick or premature children. There is evidence that for these weaker babies, breast milk is better than substitute milk.

It is no longer a question of convincing the benefits of breast milk for small humans: a food recommended for term infants, it is even more valuable for premature and very premature infants, explains Virginie De Halleux, pediatrician neonatologist at CHR of the Citadel of Liège.

"Breast milk has many benefits, including protecting babies from infections. Especially for the premature babies who do not benefit from the antibodies transmitted by the mother during the last days of gestation, without forgetting the neurological advantages."

Mothers of premature babies have usually given birth in rather difficult conditions, and their babies are placed in neonatology services, disrupting the start of breastfeeding.

Every day, the lactarium of the CHR Citadelle has a need that varies between 1.5 liters to 2 liters of milk. Stocks are, alas, quickly exhausted.

The lactarium is located on the site of the Citadel (A538 road) and is accessible every day of the week from 8 to 15 hours and the weekend from 8 to 11 hours. Contacts and information on 04/225 73 51.

Source: RTC Tele LiegeLe Soir, RTBFRTCBRF, Le Ligueur