Soon on your TV: breast extras

On the occasion of World Breastfeeding Week, Kind en Gezin launches 'breast extras'. This is a database for producers and casting managers who want a breastfeeding mom in their production. VTM programs 'Family', 'De Buurtpolitie' and 'Zonen van Van As' have already planned recordings with 'breast extras'.

With this initiative Kind en Gezin wants to bring breastfeeding mums as extras in popular culture: on television, in popular series, possibly even in talk shows. The hope is that this can trigger a change in mentality, so that breastfeeding in public is also experienced as normal in daily life.

"We actually miss Rubens today, He has depicted that in his paintings as a self-evident matter, but we can not see that anymore", says Kind en Gezin-spokeswoman Leen DuBois. "Apparently it was quite normal to breastfeed in the public in that period, and that's a bit lost today." 

Currently, fifteen women have already registered in the database. The website will also be launched. Over there producers and casting managers can find all mothers, and even more 'breast extras' are able to register.

The initiative receives immediate support from the start. For example, 'Familie', 'De Buurtpolitie', 'Zonen van Van As' and the Dutch-Belgian feature film 'De Dirigent' have already planned recordings with Borstfiguranten.

Source: VTM